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Thai massage salon is a relaxation center where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the day, entrusting the care of your body to professional massage therapists from thailand and specialists in spa procedures.

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Why choose «Thai Massage»?

In the Thai Massage salon, all conditions are created for you to perform a Thai massage in the best traditions of Thailand. The Thai Massage Salon is equipped in accordance with the requirements necessary for a Thai massage session: cozy, warm, equipped with special massage tables, aroma accompaniment, a musical background that sets up relaxation, rooms. But the main value and the main wealth of the Thai Massage salon are Thai craftsmen. It is in their power to beneficially influence your energy state and give your beneficial vibrations coming from the very depths of the heart. We offer both classical methods of massage and relaxation, as well as narrowly targeted options aimed at stimulating the work of internal organs, improving individual parts of the body. In the process of massage and relaxing procedures, aromatherapy is actively used, and the tea ceremony is the final touch of relaxation. We tried to create spa services that we ourselves dreamed about and sincerely hope that you will appreciate it.

Why choose thai massage?

Thai massage is a centuries-old philosophical trend in the healing of the human body, which incorporates the traditions and beliefs of china, india and thailand. Modern schools of this practice are located just in thailand, so this massage practice is called thai. This massage practice is based on the philosophical doctrine of human energy lines. The master contributes to the healing of the human body by acting on these lines. Thai classic massage is used to treat, to relieve stress and tension. Thai massage relieves of back pain, numbness of the neck and shoulders, clamps, stagnation, including sports muscle injuries and tendon deformities. Those who have attended traditional thai massage sessions feel like they are reborn.