Spa packages Luxury SPA

Thai Massage Center also offers a large selection of luxury spa packages that combine procedures, after which the whole body feels complete relaxation, restoration of strength and inspiration.

  • SPA program «Wedding Day»

    A delightful spa program especially for brides. The procedure begins with a milk bath for the feet, after which the master makes a body massage using a scrub. Next is a relaxing massage using aromatic oil. The master will stretch the whole body from the tips of the toes to the ears, using the technique of soaking and pressing. The program will complete the massage of the legs, arms and head. This procedure relieves stress before an important event, makes the skin smooth and silky, and massage helps to relax. SPA program Wedding Day - a great gift idea for a bachelorette party and the best holiday for the bride before the wedding!

  • SPA program «Day SPA»

    The main component of this program is Delicious Melting Honey. A honey mask fills every cell of the body and gives unforgettable minutes of serenity.


    The program for the couple will help you immerse yourself in a sensual, relaxing atmosphere and relive the happy moments of serenity and joy together. An original gift for a memorable date of acquaintance, anniversary or just an opportunity to please your soul mate. The total duration of the spa program for two is 2 hours.

  • Spa program for two

    It is a great opportunity to relax from the bustle and spend time together. And not in a standard household environment, but in a beautiful place where you will be given not only physical, but also aesthetic pleasure. So you can celebrate some significant event for the couple or, conversely, relax absolutely without reason. Moreover, finding good and inexpensive spa programs for two is now very easy.

  • Facial SPA

    The procedure not only improves facial skin condition, but also maximizes relaxation. A quiet pleasant music and dim lights enhance the effect of the procedures. At the first stage, facial skin is cleansed with a soft scrub. It gently and delicately removes dead skin cells of the epidermis and other impurities from the skin, opens pores and prepares the face for further care. This allows you to get the maximum benefit from further care.

      Includes several steps:
    • scrub
    • feeding mask
    • Thai facial massage

    • Price

  • Spa program «Perfect figure»

    Every woman dreams of an ideal figure that would allow her to wear any clothes, attract the enthusiastic looks of passers-by. But it so happens that our figure may require attention, which should be manifested in the form of caring for her, playing sports. And our massage parlor offers you to pamper yourself and order the Spa package “Perfect figure”. The session itself lasts 120 minutes - for two whole hours you will have fun enjoying the high level of professionalism of our masters. Spa package includes:

  • Spa program «Magic Stone».

    Spa complexes today are very widespread, because they have a multifaceted effect on a person. First of all, spa treatments have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of the person who takes them. Nervous tension disappears, bad thoughts cease to bother, and instead there comes peace of mind, the mood rises. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the procedures included in the Stone Magic spa package. Which consists of:

  • Spa program «Chocolate Inspiration»

    Chocolate is known to many of us as a very tasty sweet, without which our life would not be so bright. In addition, everyone knows that chocolate contains the hormone of joy, which helps to cheer you up, forget about your problems, enjoy a very pleasant taste and aroma. But, chocolate is also used today in cosmetology, in particular, our massage parlor also carries out procedures using this confectionery product. We are ready to offer all our visitors a unique Chocolate Inspiration Spa complex. This complex can be ordered by anyone who wants to plunge into the world of relaxation and relaxation. The procedure will be especially useful for those who suffer from cellulite, suffer from edema. Chocolate, which is the main active tool of the whole complex, allows you to cleanse the skin, give it firmness and elasticity. In addition, chocolate has a tonic effect on the skin, gives it a healthy color, tightens. Chocolate also improves collagen synthesis, which contributes to skin rejuvenation.

  • . Spa Program «Sultan».

    We offer our wonderful men a break from problems and worries and arrange a real celebration of the soul of the body!